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Consular processing can be very complex and requires an immigration lawyer who is extremely familiar with the process. Los Angeles Consular Processing Lawyer Anya McLean has helped many individuals and families in Phoenix, Los Angeles and throughout the Southwest with this and other complex immigration law issues.

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Consular processing is a federal immigration method that requires an immigrant to get a visa from a United States embassy in another country. This is usually the immigrant’s origin country. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Office (USCIS) considers both family-based petitions and employment petitions. Each petition requires a different legal strategy that an experienced consular processing lawyer is familiar with. For an explanation of the strategies available for successful consular processing, call Los Angeles Consular Processing Lawyer Anya McLean as soon as possible.
Consular Processing: Family and Employment Petitions

To qualify for consular processing, the immigrant must apply for a family-based petition or employment petition. The process for a family-based or employment-based petition may involve the following:

Filing an immigrant petition form
Being issued a visa number from the National Visa Center (NVC)
Personal interviews at the consular office in the immigrant’s country of origin
Offering a visa packet to the Customs and Border Protection officer at a Port of Entry

The process can be complex and intimidating but it is not complex or intimidating for a consular processing lawyer. Anya McLean will explain the process in clear language and discuss the options with you. She will also guide you through the process and handle the details. Submitting appropriate paperwork on-time and correctly is of utmost importance in consular processing cases. With a consular processing lawyer on your side, you can dramatically improve your chances of success with consular processing.

The immigration process is complex. Making mistakes, missing deadlines, pursuing a course of action that is inappropriate for your situation: all of these can have serious consequences. By having a skilled immigration lawyer by your side who is familiar with consular processing and other methods for obtaining legal status in the United States, you will have peace of mind. By knowing that the details are being handled effectively, you can be confident that you are pursuing success.