A Criminal Defense Attorney who is also an Immigration Lawyer
Clear Your Record and Keep Your Family Intact

The legal term for having a conviction removed from your record is “set aside,” although sometimes this process is referred to as “expungement” or “having your record cleared.” While many people who are convicted of crimes seek to have their convictions set aside, but this process is especially important to immigrants. Legal status of immigrants can be dramatically affected by a criminal charge or conviction.

Our firm assists immigrants charged with a variety of crimes. Having criminal convictions set aside can mean the difference between remaining in the United States with your family and being deported. We are dedicated to our clients and the immigrant community. Our goal is to clear your record and keep your family intact.

We stand ready to assist immigrants charged with crimes including:

Domestic Violence
Possession of Illegal Drugs
Weapons Charges

To make an appointment for a free consultation at our office or a location that is convenient for you, reach out to us as soon as possible. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff speaks Spanish and is ready to help. Immigration and Criminal Defense Lawyer Anya McLean is also fluent in Russian.
A Committed Criminal Defense Attorney

Ms. McLean is not only a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the State Bar of Arizona Immigration Section, but also the State Bar of Arizona Criminal Section. As a result, she is more than qualified to assist with all aspects of your criminal defense case, including those that have an impact on your immigration status. You may have concerns that include:

Are there any crimes that cannot be “set aside” or expunged from my record?

Even if I am not convicted, will an arrest impact my immigration status?

How long will the “set aside” process take?

Will a misdemeanor conviction be considered the same as a felony conviction?

We understand that the legal process can be complex, and with so much at stake it is easy to be frightened about the consequences of a negative result. However, our firm’s philosophy is that no problem is unsolvable. You deserve a committed criminal defense attorney and legal team that understands your immigration concerns.