An Immigration Attorney to Defend you from Deportation

If you fear deportation, you can fight back. Immigration and Deportation Defense Attorney Anya McLean is on your side and can explain all of your legal options if you or a loved one has been threatened with deportation. Even if your family is already struggling within the federal immigration system, our legal team can still help. Anya McLean is an immigrant herself and is also a highly-skilled attorney. Reach out to us for the aggressive and knowledgeable assistance that you need.

Many people are unaware of the many legal options they have when faced with deportation. This is why having a wise lawyer on your side is essential. The federal government deports thousands of people each year and many of these people had alternatives. Don’t be deported without exploring your opportunities and the legal strategies available. Call us and we can explain them to you in clear and straightforward ways. We are fluent in English, Russian and Spanish and we have vast resources to defend you from deportation. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation.
Federal Immigration Law Attorney Anya Mclean Protects your Rights

At the Law Offices of Anya McLean, we provide comprehensive federal immigration law representation. From the most straightforward immigration law challenges to the most complex, we have the resources and experience to help. This is especially true in the most serious cases where deportation seems unavoidable. We are also prepared for all of the following:

Representing you at Bond Hearings in Eloy and Florence
Fighting for Cancellation of Removal
Criminal Defense to Protect you from Deportation based on Conviction
Family Immigration
Immigration Appeals
U Visas