Domestic Violence Accusations can Impact Your Immigration Status

Domestic violence does not just refer to physical force or threats of harm against spouses or significant others. Charges of domestic violence can be made on behalf of an ex-spouse or a child. Like many other types of criminal charges, being accused of domestic violence can impact your immigration status. You could also be deported. If you face these legal challenges, reach out to us for a domestic violence criminal defense lawyer and immigration attorney who knows how to help.

Charges of domestic violence are made by the state on behalf of an individual. This means that the individual cannot decide to drop the charges once they have been made; the legal process must be completed. Even if the accusations are false or the person making the accusations wants to withdraw the charges, they cannot. You need a skilled lawyer if you face domestic violence related charges. Because state prosecutors will be aggressive in their quest for a conviction, you need an aggressive defender of your rights.

Our firm will do more than just defend you if you have been charged with domestic violence. We will also do all we can to protect your right to remain in the United States.
If You Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence and have Immigration Concerns

Call on our legal team immediately. It is common for individuals to be wrongfully accused of domestic violence as the result of divorce, child custody proceedings, or even accidents being misinterpreted by the police. Because so many additional negative consequences are possible for immigrants, it is vital that you don’t delay if you have been accused of domestic violence. Seek quality representation immediately.

Our law firm will take the time to gain a “big picture” holistic understanding of all the details of your case. We are prepared to assist you from start to finish and to address both the criminal charges against you as well as their possible impact on your immigration status.

If you are an immigrant who came to the United States to make a better life for yourself and your family and legal issues are causing you problems, we may be able to help. We are devoted to the immigrant community and believe that no problem is unsolvable. If you have been accused of domestic violence, call us for a free initial consultation. We speak Spanish and Russian and are prepared to assist you no matter how challenging your case may appear.