Drug Possession Charges may be Set Aside to Protect your Status

If you have been accused of drug possession, you may be frightened not only of the possible negative consequences to yourself but also for your family. A guilty verdict can mean more than just time spent in jail or prison. If you are an immigrant and are convicted of possession of drugs, you may be deported and separated from your loved ones.

Drug possession – including cocaine, marijuana, meth/methamphetamines, or ecstasy – is a serious crime and for immigrants, the stakes may be even higher. Immigrants accused of drug possession need an attorney committed to quality representation and personal service. Our firm is dedicated to serving immigrants to the United States. When we represent you, your attorney will be an experienced criminal defense lawyer as well as an experienced immigration lawyer. We are prepared to address the complexities and consequences a criminal charge can have on your immigration status.

Our goal is to have drug possession charges set aside from your legal record. Having charges “set aside” or expunged clears your record and minimizes negative consequences for your immigration status. Having your criminal record expunged can mean the difference between keeping your family together or being deported.

Our firm has represented non-American citizens from Mexico as well as many other countries. Our staff is multilingual and your initial consultation is free.
Customized, Personalized Criminal Defense for Immigrants

The U.S. justice system is complex and dealing with a criminal charge can be overwhelming. We believe in customized, personalized service for our clients. We will take the time to get to know all the details of your case in order to better represent you and help you understand all of your rights and options.

Our firm is prepared to handle your drug possession case in its entirety, including the impact of your drug possession charge on your immigration status. Our focus is customized, personalized criminal defense for immigrants.

Many people stereotype immigrants, particularly when it comes to drug possession charges. That is not the case at our firm. Our staff is competent, friendly, and dedicated to assisting you. Please don’t let fear stand in the way of seeking quality legal representation.