An Immigration Lawyer and DUI Defense Attorney

Driving under the influence is commonly used to describe situations where drivers who have consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car. However, “driving” does not only refer to driving a car; you can be charged with a DUI while operating any kind of motor vehicle, including trucks, motorcycles, or even boats. Because your immigration status can be affected by a drunk driving charge, these types of cases can be surprisingly complex. Call a DUI defense lawyer who knows how to protect your rights no matter how serious your legal situation may be.

Not only will your attorney be a highly-experienced criminal defense lawyer but, when you have Anya McLean on your side, you will have an immigration lawyer and DUI defense attorney protecting your rights. Ms. McLean has extensive experience in both areas of the law.

We have handled well- over a hundred DUI defense cases and many of these have involved clients concerned about their immigration status. Because Ms. McLean is an immigrant herself and a deeply experienced lawyer, she understands the pressures that immigrants face, and she can help.

Much of our DUI caseload comes from word of mouth referrals by previous clients. A good defense means more than just a technical understanding of the law; clients refer their friends and family members to us because they know we offer skilled legal representation as well as compassionate guidance through the legal system.

Our courteous, competent staff speaks Spanish and is ready to help you. Furthermore, in addition to fluency in English, Ms. Mclean is also fluent in Russian.

DUI Defense for Immigrants Concerned about Deportation

Working with an experienced DUI attorney dedicated to personal, high-quality service is important when your goal is protecting not only yourself, but also your loved ones. We are committed to using the most advanced technology in our case management process. This efficiency enables us to spend our time building strong relationships with our clients.

It is important to hire a lawyer who understands how criminal law and immigration law overlap. Don’t settle for an attorney whose sole focus is on the DUI aspect of your case. If you are concerned about your immigrant status or you fear being deported as the result of a drunk driving arrest, we are prepared to address your DUI arrest and the impact it may have on your immigration status.