Comprehensive Immigration Strategy

One of the biggest challenges facing many immigrants is keeping their families together throughout the immigration process. Different members of a family may have different eligibilities, possess different paperwork and have different deadlines for immigration milestones. As a result, the process can be bewildering – and frightening because the stakes are so high.

Don’t let immigration complications break your family apart. We can help your family develop a comprehensive immigration strategy that takes every member’s unique circumstances into account. Our goal is for everyone to obtain the visas they need to stay in the United States.

If your family needs immigration assistance and wants help from an attorney whose practice is devoted to these issues, contact us now for a free consultation. Our staff speaks Spanish and we have answers to your immigration questions no matter how complex they may seem. Attorney Anya McLean is also fluent in Russian.
Helping Immigrants Build a Better Life

Although your goal may be legal permanent residency, it is possible that alternatives exist that may be more appropriate for keeping your family together. Our firm will base your family’s immigration strategy on a number of factors, including:

The number of relatives you have who are United States citizens or legal permanent residents
Whether any members of your family are currently undergoing adjustment of status
Eligibility for a green card (legal permanent residency)
Criteria for other types of visas

The paperwork involved in the immigration process is extensive and it is imperative that everything be filled out accurately and in a timely manner. Mistakes can cost you money, time, and your chance to remain close to the people you love. It is easy to be overwhelmed, especially when English is not your first language. Our staff is multilingual and will work with you to obtain the necessary information and submit forms correctly the first time. We are also able to represent you at any required immigration interviews.
Ms. McLean is an experienced immigration attorney who has been through this process herself. She has devoted her career to paying it forward and helping immigrants build a better life for themselves in the United States.