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Many individuals may find themselves in legal predicaments that result in their facing criminal charges. The idea of facing legal proceedings can prove overwhelming and confusing, and individuals may have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a meaningful criminal defense. However, individuals who have been charged with DUI may have many defense options.

No other choice

Though an individual does have defense options, they may have had no other choice than to drink and drive. If a person has been stopped by police and accused of drunk driving, he or she may be able to argue that he or she was acting out of necessity. If the individual was in a compromising situation that put that person at risk of harm, driving away even after consuming alcohol may have been the only feasible option.

Involuntary intoxication

There are also some cases in which an individual may have unwittingly become intoxicated. If alcohol was added to a drink at a party, an individual may not have been aware of the alcohol and consumed the beverage. He or she may then have gotten behind the wheel without fully knowing that they had become intoxicated.

Improperly administered tests

In many instances of DUI stops, the officer or officers involved will administer field sobriety tests and/or blood-alcohol tests. If these tests were administered incorrectly or the results were not properly handled, an accused individual may have reason to argue that the evidence is inadmissible.

Legal help

When going through such a trying time, individuals may believe that they have no options. However, there are many strategies for creating an effective criminal defense that could potentially help individuals avoid a conviction. If interested, individuals who have been accused of DUI may wish to speak with experienced attorneys at McLean Law Firm.

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